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Colombia Huila Supremo – Washed

Chocolate, Hazelnut, Brown Sugar, Vanilla

Country: Colombia
Code: CO2301
Zone:  America
Origin: Colombia
Farm/Region: Antioquia
Bean Size: Supremo 17-18
Bean Color: Bluish-Green
Botanical Varietal: Caturra Castillo
Preparation Method: Washed
Altitude: from 1,700 meters above sea level
Cupping Point: 80 Points
Moisture: 10.1%
Density:  698 g/L
Water Activity: 0.50

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Colombia Huila Supremo - Washed฿500.00


The quality of Huila has been strictly managed nationally Arabica in Colombia is strictly prohibited to crop by the government and FNC, and quality is also controlled with the prohibition of exporting coffee beans under SC13.

” Feel the harmony of the sweetness of chocolate, soft acidity, and full body ”




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