Yunnan Puer Red Wine Fermentation ฿650.00
Yunnan Puer Red Wine Fermentation ฿650.00

Yunnan Puer Brandy – Honey

Chocolate, Black Berry,Pineapple, Longan, Caramel

Country: China
Code: YN2202
Zone:  Asia
Origin: China Yunnan
Farm/Region: Yunnan
Bean Size: 17-18
Bean Color:  Yellow – Green
Botanical Varietal: Typica
Preparation Method: Honey
Altitude: from 1,700 meters above sea level
Cupping Point: 90+ Points
Moisture: 10.70%
Density: 732 g/L
Water Activity: 0.48

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Yunnan region, always known for its excellent tea, has now become home to another of the world’s most popular drinks: coffee. Yunnan produces more than 95% of China’s coffee, about 70% of which is for export and, when we speak of Chinese coffee, we mainly mean Yunnan coffee. The number of coffee drinkers in China is growing rapidly every day, especially among the younger generation, thus developing a growing popularity for coffee culture. Yunnan is the symbol of the development of Chinese coffee and the position of Chinese coffee internationally.

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