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Uganda AA Bugisu – Washed

Tropical fruits,Nuts, Dark chocolate,Caramel

Country: Uganda
Code: UG2301
Zone:  Africa
Origin: Uganda
Farm/Region: Mt. Elgen Uganda Organic Farm
Bean Size: AA
Bean Color: Greenish
Botanical Varietal: SL-14, Bourbon
Preparation Method: Washed
Altitude: from 1,900 meters above sea level
Cupping Point: 82 Points
Moisture: 10.5%
Density:  694 g/L
Water Activity: 0.50

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Bugisu is a region in eastern Uganda and coffee there is grown at moderately high elevations (1,300 to 2,600 meters) on the slopes of Mount Elgon. This makes it a hard bean, very suitable for darker roasting. Bugisu coffee has more body than most other East African coffees, and somewhat lower acidity.

It’s got a rich body with a buttery texture, mild acidity and a dry finish, like a good red wine. We really enjoy the notes of cocoa powder, molasses and cherry.



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