Panama Volcan Hartman - Natural ฿1,300.00
Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda "Diamond Mountain" - Natural ฿1,200.00

Panama Volcan Baru Geisha – Washed

Tropical Fruit flavor, Brown Sugar, Berry flavor

Code: PA2209
Zone:  America
Origin: Panama
Farm/Region: Volcan Baru
Bean Size: SHB
Bean Color: Greenish
Botanical Varietal: Geisha
Preparation Method: Washed
Altitude: from 1,500-2,100 meters above sea level
Cupping Point: 90+ Points
Moisture: 12.6%
Density: 680 g/L
Water Activity:

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Panama coffee can be traced back to 1780 when the first batch of Typica coffee was introduced by the European immigrants. Situated in Central America with favorable natural conditions such as plenty of sunshine, soil and altitude, not to mention a labor supply, these factors have contributed to the region being one of the perfect spots for growing high-quality, exquisite coffee. The Geisha Coffee produced in Panama has begun to lead the world trend in specialty coffee, and has successfully attracted the attention of coffee lovers around the world. The Boquete region is the oldest and most famous coffee production area in Panama. Located on the east side of the Baru Volcano, it is plateau with altitude between 1000~2000 meters, amongst which the Volcan Baru National Park is an ecological preserve with rich biodiversity and has 7 types of micro-climates



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