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Kenya Kericho County AA TOP – Washed

Grape, Sprinkle, Red Wine, Dark Chocolate

Code : KE2307
Coffee Name : Kenya Kericho County AA TOP
Country : Kenya
Zone : Africa
Origin : Kericho
Farm/Region : Kericho
Bean Size : 18/19
Bean Colur : Greenish
Altitude: 2,000 M
Botanical Varietal: SL28,SL34
Preparation Method: Washed
Cupping Point: 87 Points
Moisture : 10.6%
Density : 726 g/l
AW : 0.55

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CHARACTER OF COFFEE : With cup notes from grape, berry, and dark chocolate. top-end guild coffee with smooth acidity
Kericho County is known as the TEA Mountains of southern Kenya
It has a variety of fruity scents unique to Kenyan coffee, but it’s also a common guinea northern coffee.
It is a lot of coffee with strong acidity. It’s about 2,000 meters above sea level, where tea fields have been formed for a long time. Coffee produced in the Highlands of Kericho is made from single origin. It’s the finest Guilla coffee you can enjoy.





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