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Kenya Kangunu AA – Double Fermentation Washed

Raisins, Olive Oil, Lime Zest

Code : KE2306
Coffee Name : Kenya Kangunu AA Double Fermentation
Country : Kenya
Zone : Africa
Origin : Kangunu
Farm/Region : Kangunu
Bean Size : 18+
Bean Colur : Green
Altitude: 1,600 – 1,800 M
Botanical Varietal: SL28,SL34
Preparation Method: Dubble Anaerobic Washed
Cupping Point: 86.25 Points
Moisture: 11.1 %
Density: 725 g/L
Water Activity: 0.50

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CHARACTER OF COFFEE : It has the acidity of an orange and the sweetness of a sweet persimmon.
The Mbeya Plateau in Tanzania produces coffee at an elevation of about 1,800 m.
It is Tanzania’s second-largest coffee producer, along with Kilimanjaro in the northern province, which borders Kenya.
The Mbeya Plateau is located south of the equator, so in the summer of our country.
Coffee harvesting begins in June.

Tazania Mbeya coffee is grown under banana or avocado shade trees
As the coffee cherry slowly ripens, it has the characteristic of bringing out the berry scent and sweetness.
Mbeya Natural is the beauty of oranges. Sweet persimmons and chocolate.
It is a natural coffee with a unique personality that is quite different from natural coffee.





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