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Ethiopia Bench Maji G1 Geisha – Natural (Nano Lot)

Apple, Fruit Candy, Grapefruit, Lily Floral, Tea

Country: Ethiopia
Code: ET2317
Zone:  Africa
Origin: Ethiopia
Farm/Region: Bench Maji
Bean Size: G1
Bean Color:  Yellow
Botanical Varietal: Geisha
Preparation Method: Natural (Nano Lot)
Altitude: from 2,300 meters above sea level
Cupping Point: 90 Points
Moisture: 10.5%
Density: 732 g/L
Water Activity: 0.49

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In the extreme west of Ethiopia, near the border with South Sudan, there are wild jungles that completely cover the Bench Maji area. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty: a plateau that extends to the dense forest called Gori Gesha. Here, the Geisha coffee variety, then exported to Panama, was discovered in the 1930s. This breathtaking landscape is home to the now famous Gesha Village Coffee Estate.

Gesha Village is divided into eight blocks. Nano Lot comes from Bench Maji Village by Special order. At about 2300m above sea level, the indigenous variety named Gesha is grown. The batch was prepared according to the natural process. After selective harvesting carried out by hand, the cherries were dried in the sun in thin layers on raised African beds for 30 days, until a residual humidity of 10% was reached. The cherries were then dry processed through a gradual process: removal of the parchment, removal of any residues, classification of the beans, separation by gravity, optical sorting by color and more.

But the end result is what matters most: in the cup, this coffee is fragrant and sweet, with delicate notes of Apple Fruit Candy,Grapefruit, Lily Floral and candied citrus fruits.

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