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Ethiopia Abaya Geisha G2 – Washed

Green Grape, Grapefruit, Apple Mint

Code : ET2327
Coffee Name : Ethiopia Abaya Geisha G2 Washed
Country : Ethiopia
Code : ET2327
Zone : Africa
Origin : Abaya
Farm/Region : Abaya
Bean Size : 15+
Bean Colur : Green
Altitude: 1,920 – 2,217 M.
Botanical Varietal: Geisha, Typica
Preparation Method: Washed
Cupping Point: 88 Points
Moisture : 11%
Density : 715 g/l
AW : 0.53

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Out of stock



the sweetness of green grapes. Grapefruit’s acidity. Apple mint. It has Honey’s cup note.
Geisha (Gesha) It was found in the Ethiopian ring forest in the 1930s.
Transferred to Panama, Central and South America, and in 2004 by Esmeralda Farm.
After gaining popularity, the original geisha breed in Ethiopia has also been known.
Activation started. Abaya is from Ethiopia.
It is the name of the largest and widest lake. produced around here.
The original Ethiopian coffee variety was classified as the original geisha.
It’s exported and has a unique jasmine scent.
It is characterized by its fresh grape scent and the acidity of apple mint.


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