Costa Rica Sudan Rume - Honey ฿1,250.00
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Costa Rica Urena Rojass – Black Honey

Tropical fruits, Pineapple, Nuts, Dark chocolate, Berries, Caramel, Citrus , Floral

Country: Costa Rica
Code: CR2209
Zone:  America
Origin: Costa Rica
Farm/Region: Brunca
Screen Size: 17-18
Bean Color: Pale Yellow
Botanical Varietal: Red Catuai
Preparation Method:  Honey
Altitude: from  1,800  meters above sea level
Cupping Point: 92 Points
Moisture: 10.4%
Density: 848 g/L
Water Activity: 0.49

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Costa Rica Urena Rojass - Black Honey฿1,250.00


Ureña’s farm are impressively well organised, with each family member working on specific tasks they specialise in. Through the years of sustainable grow they’ve managed to take control of every step of the coffee production, literally from picking the cherry, through processing and dry milling, to loading and sealing the container which they export independently.

The biodiversity on the farm is amazing, with many indigenous plants and treesall over the plantations. The system of proper shade management, fertilization based on annual soil analysis, a truly minimal usage of water during the processes and a full traceability of the final products – this all made us greatly impressed


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