Colombia Antioquia Maragogype (Micro Lot) - Natural ฿850.00
Colombia Finca La Pradera Castillo - Fermented Fruit-Apricot ฿1,450.00

Colombia Finca La Pradera Castillo – Wine Yeast Fruit Maceration

Grape, lemon Chestnut tea, octagonal incense, peach ,Star Anise

Country: Colombia
Code: CO2335
Zone: America
Origin: Colombia
Farm/Region: Jairo Arcila, Felipe Arcila
Bean Size: 17+
Bean Color: Brownish
Botanical Varietal:Castillo
Preparation Method: Wine Yeast Fruit Maceration
Altitude: from 1,650 meters above sea level
Cupping Point: 90 Points
Moisture: 12.0%
Density: 657 g/L
Water Activity : 0.50%

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