Colombia Finca La Pradera Castijo Fruit Fermentation Strawberry ฿1,850.00
Colombia Finca El Diviso Pink Bourbon Washed Golden Raisin ฿950.00

Colombia Finca El Diviso Yellow Bourbon Fruit Fermentation Banana

Banana, Grapes, Cloves

Code : CO2344
Coffee Name : Colombian Finca El Diviso Yellow Bourbon Fruit Fermentation*Banana*
Origin : Colombia
Farm/Region : Finca El Diviso
Bean Size : 18+
Bean Colur : Yellowish
Altitude: 1750 Masl
Botanical Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Preparation Method: Wine Yeast Fruit Maceration
Cupping Point: Exotic
Moisture : 9.7%
Density : 727 g/l
WA : 0.50

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Colombia Finca El Diviso Yellow Bourbon Fruit Fermentation Banana฿1,850.00


This special wine yeast infused fermentation lot is sourced from producer Felipe Archila and his farm Finca La Pradera.
La Pradera is a 16 hectare estate with 12ha dedicated to coffee production. The farm is located in Armenia, Quindio and sits at an altitude of 1,950masl.
This micro-lot was processed using a combination of anaerobic fermentation with added Wine Yeast Fruit Maceration along with the honey method

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