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Colombia El Paraiso 92 “Granadilla”

Passion Fruit , Granadilla , Cherry

Code : CO2331
Coffee Name : Colombia El Paraiso 92
Origin : Colombia
Farm/Region : El Paraiso 92
Bean Size : 18/20
Bean Colur : Yellowish
Altitude: 1950 Masl
Botanical Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Preparation Method: DB Anaerobic 96Hrs Yeast Fermentation
Cupping Point: 90 Points
Moisture : 10.7%
Density : 710 g/l
WA : 0.50

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Pink Bourbon gets its name from the fact that the ripe berries are pink instead of red. Coffee farmers around Huila, Colombia produce the variety by cross-breeding yellow and red Bourbon. It has greater resistance to leaf rust than either the yellow or red variety. Pink bourbon has spicy-jasmine notes and a hint of caramel.

This is an excellent, artisanal coffee. Like for the pink and orange bourbon, the added challenge to harvest ripe cherries is daunting. Obviously, with red bourbon, determining the ripe color is much easier for the pickers.


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